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Here at Retail Insight we have over 30 years consultancy experience in retail, catering, leisure and other customer service industries. This expertise was gained by working with well-known brands such as Allied Bakeries and Threshers.

This depth of experience means that we know those areas in which your employees may be damaging your profits by alienating your customers.

Founded in 2003, Retail Insight was set up to provide service businesses with the answers they needed to improve their customer experience, and so increase their profits.

We will find out:

  • how your customers really feel about your service
  • what they actually think about your outlet(s) or premises
  • if they truly understand your services, products and promotions
  • how they compare you with your competitors
  • what may stop them coming back or buying

At Retail Insight we are experts at finding out the answers to such difficult questions. Our detailed reports will illustrate our findings, identify key management issues and deliver a realistic, measurable action plan to ensure that performance is improved - and your profits increase.

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We believe that every client is different so, unlike many of our competitors, we do not use a single software system or bland, "off the shelf" surveys, but tailor every programme to the individual client.

So for a truly cost-effective answer to your customer service issues,

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